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Ciclis is the most fun, pretty, fast, easy, and with best artificial intelligence cycling game in the world.
The goal of game consist in run a cyclist tour of 21 stages, trying to win time in each stage in order to improve your time in general classification. Player controls a cyclist: You can speed up, speed down , and change your position in the road.
The most importan thing in Ciclis is to be in a good position in crowd or get in a good escape group in order to arrive to finishing line with mínimum energy spend. To spend less energy you must put you behind another cyclist but you lose your energy and then lose speed.
The strong point of Ciclis is his high artificial intelligence, cyclist move himself like in a real race thanks to advised given by high level cyclists like Diegoweb
  • Cyclists make attacks. You can join to this atac if you have forces. Other cyclists could join the atac too.
  • Cyclists try to catch the escape groups, and if they get it, they stop his speed or continue at his rhythm.
  • Sometimes a cyclist lose contatc with crowd, and cyclists behind him could lose these contact too.
  • When cyclists are near finishing line, they sprint whith all his forces.
  • Cyclists too follow player wheel and join your attacks.
  • Is convenient go in front positions of crowd in order to see posible attacks.
  • Is good to join to an attack of a good cyclist because is probable that crowd can not catch him.
  • If you want join to an scape, try to do when it happens to spend less energy.
  • If you want to scape from a cyclists that follow you, speed up and speed out many times.
  • If you are in an scape that runs very fast and your energy is near to finish, try to put you first in order to see if others follow your wheel, then speed out you and you will stop the speed of the scape. This does not function allwais.
  • When you are going to finish your energy and don't have food, your cyclists saids "I can´t" and loses speed fastly. However you can lose speed more slowly if you are in a wheel, it can be usefull to get to arrive to finishing line and then make a best position.

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