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Version valid for Symbian S60 3rd edition and 5th edition:

N97 N96 N95 N93 N92 N91
N86 N85 N82 N81 N80
N79 N78 N77 N76 N75 N73 N71
E90 E75 E71 E70
E66 E65 E63 E62 E61 E60
E55 E51 E50
6720 6710 6650 6290 6220 6210 6124 6121 6120 6110
5800 5730 5700 5630 5500 5320 3250

GT-i8510 INNOV8, GT-i7110, SGH-L870

  • The game works much better in 3D accelerated handsets (Nokia N93, N95, N82, E90, Samsung Innovo, Iphone)
  • If game does not install, select Tools->App. mgr.->Options->Settings->Software installation->All
  • We are working to adapt Defend London to more operating systems:
    Iphone, Windows mobile, Android, Java, Palm, BlackBerry, PC...

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    After several years of development, arrives Defend London, an amazing 3D game which recreates one of the most dramatic episodes of World War II, The Battle of England.

    In Defend London you can handle combat aircrafts (Spitfire), anti-aircraft guns, jeeps through cities and mountains, Commandos in first person, and you can also manage the Germans, fighters (FW190) and bombers (He111).

    All this in a fully three-dimensional recreation of London and in fighting on the English Channel.

    The anti-aircraft gun is more deadly for the German planes that come too close.

    Manage Spitfire against German fighters and bombers, move at all angles of a plane over the skies of London: Defend London is also a flight simulator.

    You can move the jeep around the city, crossing the Tower Bridge, go to Trafalgar square, cross the bridge in front of BigBen, climbing mountains, crossing fields ... The jeep is an effective weapon to prosecute the bombers from the ground.

    Manage commando in first person against the German paratroopers.

    Various atmospheric states: Clear sky, cloudy, night ...

    Fighting on the English Channel.

    Play against a friend via blueetooth: Aircraft VS aircraft or aircraft VS antiaircraft.

    In touchscreen mobiles you can play by pressing the screen:

    A total of 36 missions that you can play in the order you want: easier, more difficult, with aircraft, with jeep, with commando, with the antiaircraft, with the bomber, several at a time ....
    Each mission you complete gives you one more medal.

    All this makes Defend London one of the most advanced and fun games made for mobile.


  • When you're driving the jeep and you are attacked by enemy fighters, try to get beneath them so that they can not shoot you.
  • When driving the plane near the mountains, the enemy planes have more difficulty to shoot you.
  • With commando, keep moving to avoid getting enemy shoots.
  • With antiaircraft use 2,4,5,6 to obtain a more accurate shot.
  • When you are in a bomber and spitfire are shooting you, focus on your target to bomb, because the mission will be passed if it is destroyed, even if your bomber exploits a few seconds later.
  • When an enemy aircraft comes from the front, try to hit the two bursts of gunfire, so destroy it quickly.


  • 3D environment based on OpenGL.
  • Use of hardware acceleration if available.
  • Atmospheric effects, fog, transparency, semitransparency...
  • Real buildings recreation.
  • The movement of mobile makes similar movement in the 3D world, therefore some levels can be passed without pressing any button, just moving the phone.
  • Manage 6 different units: Antiaircraft, Jeep, Command, Spitfire, FW190 and He111 in 36 missions on both sides.
  • Total freedom of movement and turns on airplanes.
  • Collisions with buildings and mountains.
  • Adaptation of the jeep to the mountain.
  • Multiplayer gaming via Bluetooth.
  • Mixed sounds, vibration and data storage.
  • Graphics are configurable to play fast on all phones.
  • Game adapts to any screen resolution.
  • Several languages to choose from.
  • Multitouch Airplane handling in symbian tactile mobiles, although they are officially monotouch.

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