If your phone has a resolution lower than 240x320 selects the first, if not the second:
DOWNLOAD Karkiller resolution 128     DOWNLOAD Karkiller resolution 240

In KarKiller you can choose between diverse cars to compete in the most crazy race that you have never participated. You must destroy enemy cars with shocks, until getting to destroy them, to gain money in order to buy improvements for your car.
Nevertheless you will have to be mindful because the others also will be rushed on you when they consider opportune. If your car is making smoke, is suitable that you avoid the collisions and you concentrate yourself in gaining the race and the flying goal, that also gives money.
But care, the gasoline also is a good very appraised and you will have to gather the gas cans that appear in the road for not become stopped. All these ingredients make of KarKiller a dynamic game that will give you many hours of entertainment.

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