Game valid for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:
Available on the App Store

Mountain Bike 3D is an action game on two wheels.
Climb impressive mountains dodging obstacles, without losing wheel of main group.

Rise major ports in total 3D.

Take advantage of the spooky descents to launch attacks.

Grab the good wheel! Take the air of the cyclist in front to avoid running out of energy!

Dispute the entire season, with one day races, and races of 3, 5 and 21 stages.


  • The main advice is going behind someone to stop the wind, so you'll spend much less energy.
  • Stand in front of the peloton
  • Fight for a good position in peloton: Your opponents will try eject you.
  • Sprint in the finish and in the intermediate sprint to earn more money.
  • Escape alone if you think you can reach finish.
  • Choose well your fellow trip: should be strong but not dangerous for the general classification.
  • Catch out the good escape.
  • Create your own escapes encouraging someone to join, by passing several times until somebody encourages.
  • Let go of the breaks that you can no longer hold, or you run out of energy pursuing them.
  • Decide if you should attack rising, falling or in flat.
  • Watch that do not escape your direct competitors in general.


  • Controls on the left:
    Button +: Accelerates
    Button -: Brake
    Button left and right: Lateral displacements.

  • Controls on the right: Move head

  • Left indicators: Speed and Fatigue.
  • Right indicator: Stage silhouette.

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