If your phone has a resolution lower than 240x320 selects the first, if not the second:
DOWNLOAD Ping Pong resolution 128     DOWNLOAD Ping Pong resolution 240

The Ping Pong is a fun game in which you must put goal to the adversary and avoid that they put you by moving to your doorman. The amused bounces of the ball will cause more than a surprise!
You can play to doubles against a friend in the same mobile: The player of up uses the keys of jostic and the player of down down uses: * to move to left and 0 to move to the right. To be able to play doubles in one mobile is a great newness in the world of mobile games.
Also you can play against the machine in:
  • Level easy (Machine moves clumsily and if you are good you will win to him by many goals)
  • Level average (An interesting challenge)
  • Level difficult (The opponent is very wide-awake and is very difficult to strain a goal to him)

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