If your phone has a resolution lower than 240x320 selects the first, if not the second:
DOWNLOAD Puzzle Pro resolution 128     DOWNLOAD Puzzle Pro resolution 240

In PuzzlePRO you can choose between diverse puzzles with 9 levels of difficulty. You must order the pieces looking for to remake the complete image, that you will be able to consult at any time like aid.
In the easiest level any piece can be moved to the hole, as in a table puzzle. In the intermediate, you only can move pieces near of hole, including in diagonal, and in the hard level you can only move to the hole the pieces that are up, down, right and left to the hole.
In addition you can divide the image in diverse difficulties: 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5, reason why the fan of difficulties happens through very easy to very difficult, saving records for each level.
PuzzlePRO is an entertaining classic game for those times died in the office when the boss does not watch because he is with the secretary, in the boring classes of language, a waiting line, the trip by car with dads in vacations or the shutdown of the bus, moments that will change of be boring to be entertaining and in addition with the satisfaction to be exercising your brain.

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