Game valid for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:
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Fly over the skies of the city with a helicopter, in full 3D, fulfilling mission objectives. The less time, more score.

Your helicopter is equipped with machine guns, missiles that veer toward the enemy, and the incredible ray weapon. Destroy aircraft, enemy helicopters, antiaircraft, ground targets, vehicles in movement. See how they fall in flames when they are destroyed by your powerful helicopter.

Go through 45 fun levels of increasing difficulty. The first 15 levels you can select camera, the 15 following the camera is fixed on the roof of a skyscraper, which increases the difficulty, but the hardest thing is to complete the last 15 levels, in which you operate the helicopter from the jeep in movement.

Challenge: Get land on the roofs of the narrow skyscraper and observe the movement of the city at your feet. Only for advanced pilots.
Greater Challenge: Get land on a rooftop handling the helicopter from another rooftop or from the jeep in movement.

Driving a helicopter is even more complicated than a plane, but once you master it you can enjoy the wonderful flight of a helicopter.


  • Controls on the left:
    Button +: Up
    Button -: Down
    Button left and right: Rotate.

  • Controls on the right:
    Jostic up: Point down.
    Jostic down: Point up.
    Jostic left: Tilt and turn left.
    Jostic right: Tilt and turn right.

  • Left indicator: Speed and engine.

  • Top right indicator:
    When the red arrow is at 12, helicopter points nearest enemy.
    When the dot is at 12, helicopter points nort.

  • Metalic indicator:
    When is almost all brown, you are going to land, and when you see almost all blue, into the sky.
    It also tells us how is the helicopter tilted sideways.

  • When helicopter goes too far and you can not see it, you can maneuver it only looking at the controls.

  • One trick is to pass with the helicopter above you, because after this is more intuitive handle it because it's like if you're behind.

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