Game valid for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:
Available on the App Store

Enjoy fun battles against your friends on the same device!

It is very easy: Just press on your units to fire at enemy units, located on the other side of the screen.
The winner is the first to destroy all enemy tanks.

There are also airplanes and helicopters, press on them to shoot.
Antiaircrafts are automatic, they shoot to enemy aircraft and helicopters.

The jeep change of side at each pass, press to fire his machine gun against enemy.
The factories make tanks, you must destroy all enemy tanks before they produce more tanks.
Do not shoot without looking, wait to have a target, and do not shoot to houses!

There are also fun and challenging battles against the computer, with several levels of artificial intelligence.

In battles against the computer you can seek help from a friend, one shoots units on the left, and other on the right.
Therefore, in battles against human, it is possible to play 4 friends, 2 VS 2, each in a corner.

Enjoy hours of fun with entertaining, challenging and exciting levels, enjoy Tank Battle.

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