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Tonton is a typical man who you can meet in a old bar, but the doctor has diagnosed cholesterol, therefore TonTon decides to undertake a tour in the Basque Country, where he will live many adventures.
You will be with numerous enemies who will try to end your trip by the bad ones: rabid dogs, large birds that cross themselves in your way just when you are jumping, thieves and women of badly living that they will leave you bare, and the uncle Patxi who is throughout with bad fleas. That without telling to the dangerous thorns and wharves and the vertiginous falls to the emptiness, that will reduce a life to you immediately.
These ingredients turn to Don TonTon a very fun game of platforms that you will not be able to let play throughout its 7 levels. And when you you pass it, you can play again to try to improve the time and to write your name in the records.

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