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BATTLE 3D - Advanced Strategy Game
With the speed of the current war machines, a real battle takes place in a few seconds, just a moment where the tactical decisions taken by the commanding officer decide if the enemy army is quickly surrounded and destroyed, or if your troops are riddled by the columns of enemy tanks. The success in taking such decisions, in which the experience, knowledge of your units and ground adaptation are critical, are what differentiate a brilliant general from one mediocre.

The magic of this game is that you can put yourself in the combat unit you choose, and shoot like a soldier, when you consider well-defined the battle tactic lines. You can switch between modes by simply pressing the radar.

There are 6 types of units you can manage or handle: Soldiers, tanks, jeeps, planes, helicopters and anti-aircraft missile batteries.

But Battle 3D is not only battles, there are also numerous missions where you have to squeeze the maximum of individual units to complete successfully. This is how a good general learns the capabilities of each type of unit, in order to know how to handle large groups.

There are also missions that go beyond a battle, with factories that produce military units at high speed. In these missions you will have to plan a strategy to conquer their factories while keeping safe your industrial areas from land and air strikes.

The most powerful weapon are tactical nuclear bombs. They are useful against large concentrations of enemy tanks or to destroy their industrial zones, when the battle is lost they can change the course of history!

  • To select units keep pressed left margin with a hand and with other drag, creating a selection rectangle.
  • When selected, send them anywhere with a simple pulsation.
  • To conquer a factory send more tanks than your enemy to their surroundings.
  • To select planes and helicopters you should select its shadow.
  • To deselect units, keep pressed left margin with one hand and with the other press a point where there are no units.
  • To handle a single unit, select that unit and press radar. Press radar again to return to air mode.

  • Soldier Handling:
    Left Jostic: Accelerate, brake and lateral movement. Accelerometer rotate soldier. Shoot button fires machine gun.

  • Tank Handling:
    Left Jostic: Accelerate, brake and turn. Accelerometer rotate turret. Shoot button fires missile.

  • Jeep Handling:
    Left Jostic: Accelerate, brake and turn. Accelerometer rotate machine gun. Shoot button fires machine gun.

  • Antiaircraft Handling:
    Accelerometer turns. Launched missiles pursue the enemy.

  • WatchTower Handling:
    Accelerometer turns. Shoot button fires machine gun.

  • Helicopter Handling:
    Left Jostic: up, down, simple turns. Accelerometer: forward, backward, lateral displacements. Missile no persecutory.

  • Plane Handling:
    Left Jostic: Accelerate, brake, simple turns. Accelerometer: rotate about its axis. Persecutory missiles.

  • Keep moving your tanks to make them a hard target.
  • From the plain tanks aim better than aim moving through mountains.
  • Surround the enemy so that all your units can shoot.
  • Try to divide the enemy in order to they have inactive units, while you shoot with all your units. Divide et impera.
  • Shoot to a group of enemy tanks from the cliff, to attract them, and when they approach, another group of yours tanks must be ready to destroy them.

  • On some levels it is important conquer some enemy factories before they can complete their defenses.
  • If you handle tank yourself, you shoot fastest, then you can conquer factories with initial tanks.

  • Left indicator: Plane speed.

  • Indicator in its right:
    When the red arrow is at 12, the plane points nearest enemy.
    When the brown arrow is at 12, the plane points base.
    When the dot is at 12, the plane points nort.

  • Metalic indicator:
    When is almost all brown, you are going to land, and when you see almost all blue, into the sky.
    It also tells us how is the plane tilted sideways.

  • Shoot Button:
    Launch missile or gunfire.

  • Green indicator on the left:
    Remaining life on unit that you are driving.

  • Indicator up in the center:
    On the left, remaining friendly units, on the right, remaining enemy units.

  • Time indicators:
    Time spent on this mission and best time.

  • Radar:
    At twelve o'clock shows enemies in front of you. It also serves to change active unit.

    You will not find anything like it, nothing that you can manage your units from above and from them. Battle 3D is a must have for lovers of strategy, occupies few megabytes and is the most entertaining game you've played, you can not stop playing, can stop of move your tanks forth in, conquering factories or surrounding enemy armies.

    Battle 3D is the culmination of all military MobileGamesPro games, the game of games, actually encompasses all games, creating a small masterpiece of digital entertainment.

    Enjoy hours of fun with entertaining, challenging and exciting levels, enjoy Battle 3D.

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