January 2024: Battle 3D. Soldiers with machine guns.

November 2023: Battle 3D. Naval campaign.

July 2023: Battle 3D - Zombie Edition is now in Steam! You can play in your PC:
Battle 3D - Zombie Edition in Steam

May 2023: Battle 3D Z now is Battle 3D - Zombie Edition. Updated with all new units, kill zombies in aircraft carriers!

December 2022: Battle 3D. At last the manoeuvrable warships have arrived! Also aircraft carriers where you can place all kinds of units.

July 2022: Battle 3D. Soldiers with grenades. Snipers. Mobile artillery rocket launcher.

February 2022: Battle 3D. Artillery in Battle 3D, destroy units from afar with this powerful weapon.

September 2021: Battle 3D. Special maps in Battle 3D, available with a new in-app purchase.

August 2021: Stock Market Mini Trainer. Entertaining trading game to play directly on the web.

June 2021: Battle 3D now has soldier transport trucks.

April 2021: 3D Benchmark updated with a list with the score of all devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

February 2021: Total redesign of MobileGamesPro web to better adapt to smartphones.

December 2020: Fighter 3D Lite reconverted to Fighter 3D Multiplayer.

November 2020: Battle 3D is now available for Windows and Mac, on our website.
For now, these versions do not have in-app purchases, so they do not allow the benefits of in-app purchases.

October 2020: Battle 3D now with multiplayer battles!!!

September 2020: Battle 3D now allows the transport of soldiers in helicopters.

August 2020: Battle 3D Pro now is Battle 3D Z - The awakening of zombies.

July 2020: Desert War 3D is now the best game with old engine, after an important update.

April 2020: Battle 3D now available on Android!

March 2020: Battle 3D 2.0.0. Total update with new 3D engine! Now is best than ever!

December 2019: Battle 3D Pro. Great Launch! Battle 3D reaches its Pro edition, with AAA graphics, advanced artificial intelligence, big scenarios and more fun than ever.

July 2019: Fighter 3D 3.0 Total update with a new 3D engine, graphics very improved.

October 2018: Battle 3D 1.8.6. Update with watchtowers, sandbags, WWII airplanes, helicopters with machine guns, better textures...

August 2018: Mountain Bike 3D game 2.0.3. Total update.

July 2018: Ciclis 3D 2.5.3. Total update. Big mountains with sharp curves.

March 2018: City Copter 1.0. An entertaining casual game.

March 2018: Desert War 2.0. Important update. Resistance War 3D renamed to Desert War 3D.

December 2017: Battle 3D 1.8.3. Update with atomic bombs.

November 2017: Battle 3D 1.8. Update with improvements in the jeep, new combat scenarios and iPhone X resolution.

June 2017: Ciclis 2.2. Important update, improved cyclists, added pine trees, street lamps, musics, improved menu.

February 2017: Tank Island 2.3. Important update, added soldiers.

December 2016: Zombie Battles.

October 2016: Battle 3D 1.6. Important update, added soldiers.

December 2015: Tank Battle, fun 2D game.

October 2015: RC UFO 3D 1.2. Important update.

September 2015: Mad Road 3D 2.0. Total update.

August 2015: Ciclis 3D 2.0. Total update.

June 2015: Tank Island 3D 2.0. Total update.

May 2015: 3D Benchmark 2.0. Total update.

May 2015: Fighter 3D 2.0. Total update.

January 2015: Battle 3D. THE DREAMED GAME HAS ARRIVED.

December 2013: Tank Island 3D.

December 2013: Resistance War 3D.

June 2013: Off Road 3D.

March 2013: Mountain Bike 3D.

February 2013: Patriotic Missile 3D.

December 2012: Animals Fantasy 3D

December 2012: Fighter 3D.

June 2012: Flying Cars 3D.

November 2011: RC UFO 3D.

July 2011: RC Helicopter 3D.

April 2011: Mad Road.

August 2010: Ciclis 3D available on the App Store.

6-april-2010: Defend London Lite is the app most installed in Panama: See screenshot

01-April-2010: Defend London Lite 2 available on the App Store.

29-March-2010: Defend London 1.1 available on the App Store.

20-March-2010: Music Flashlight available on the App Store.

03-March-2010: Defend London Lite available on the App Store.

21-february-2010: RC Airplane 3D available on the App Store.

05-february-2010: Defend London available on the App Store.

1-june-2009: Defend London for iPhone is under development.

25-may-2009: Defend London symbian with multitouch launched.

December-2007: Defend London symbian is under development.

2006-2007: Tonton, Ping Pong, Puzzle Pro mobile and others.

March 2005: Karkiller.

February 2005: Ciclis 2.

December 2004: Ciclis mobile. For key phones, with Java technology, J2ME.

2004: Driver Education and other educative games for Windows.
It was my end-of-degree project in computer science.

2000-2001: Tank Island, PC Windows game. The first attempt to make a Battle 3D.

1999: Ciclis and Battle 2, PC MS-DOS games.

1994: Battle, a pencil and paper strategy game to play with friends, was really fun, someday I have to do it for mobile. It was invented by myself. The name of Battle 3D comes from here.

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